A Clean Start to a New Year

Scrubbing of the hallways and commons is the last big thing to do before school starts. That is done so now I can take off a few days for vacation. Nothing special just stay at home and maybe get a few things done, like taking Emily’s Senior pictures. That makes me feel a little old, my youngest is going to be a Senior. I can look down these halls and think back to when I started at the school when she was in 5th grade. Not really worrying about going to teachers conferences because everyday was a conference. Being able to see her all the time and embarrassing her in front of her friends and giving her a hug when she needed it. But most of all watching her grow and mature and giving her the advice she would need (if she would listen to me). And like any other parent I wonder if I have done enough to get her ready for the world but I guess I will just have to step back and trust her and trust God that it will all work out. By this time next year I will be scrubbing these floors again, getting her ready to go out on her own and watching a new batch of kids walk down these halls on their way to the world beyond these doors.

Published by Bard on the Plains

I currently work as a custodian in the Clark High School but have also ran a farm as well as worked at a potato chip factory. I am married to Deb and we have three kids, Eric, Ryan and Emily. I also have a love of computers going back 40 years. I am also an amateur taker of photos (don't feel quite comfortable calling myself a photographer yet). I am the host of the Bard on the Plains Podcast and Holding Out For a Hero Podcast.

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