It Takes a Village (and not the way Hillary meant)

Recently on the NosillaCast Mac Podcast Host Allison Sheridan was talking about whether the internet is causing us to lose empathy with people because we do not meet them in real life to be able to judge their reactions to what is being said. Allison said her interactions were expanded because she had met peopleContinue reading “It Takes a Village (and not the way Hillary meant)”

One Last Look (A Tribute to my Mom)

The room is ready for it’s next occupant. The walls have been patched and the carpet cleaned. But if you close your eyes you can detect something just beyond the realm of senses. Not a ghost but a memory. A series of memories that go beyond these walls and span a life time. Because peopleContinue reading “One Last Look (A Tribute to my Mom)”

Winning is everything………Right?

People who know me know that I don’t care much for sports. Why? It doesn’t interest me. I won’t talk to you about the release of Gnome 2.22 or that KDE 4 is just around the corner so please don’t talk to me about last nights score (and if you don’t understand what I justContinue reading “Winning is everything………Right?”

Some of the reasons I like my job

I like to walk the halls at night. Because in the brilliantly illuminated reality of the day you see what you’re suppose to see and hear what you’re suppose to hear, but it is at night that life gives up it’s secrets. The dreams emerge from the shadows and if you listen closely you hearContinue reading “Some of the reasons I like my job”

His logic tree doesn’t branch

Being the custodian in the same school that the my kids go to means that sometimes I have to deal with parental problems and professional problems at the same time. Case in point, when I went to switch shifts with the other custodian last week, he told me Eric had a problem down in theContinue reading “His logic tree doesn’t branch”

You can’t drive by looking in the rear view mirror

I”m in a reflective mood today. It’s friend’s birthday. She would’ve been 44 today and her daughter and I share the same birthday next month. So I spent some time looking back and thinking about the things that were said, the ones that should’ve been said and the stuff that can’t be taken back. It’sContinue reading “You can’t drive by looking in the rear view mirror”