McPeek Podcasting

I started guesting on podcasts in 2012. Later that year I joined the SciFi Tech Talk Podcast. Then I was asked to join the Geekiest Show Ever Podcast. I also started doing my Bard on the Plains Podcast in 2012. In 2019 I started the Holding Out for a Hero Podcast and then Bard on the Playlist in 2021. SciFi Tech Talk has come to an end and I have parted way with Geekiest Show Ever. I have done about 500 various episodes thus far over my career.

Bard on the Plains

I tell stories about growing up on a farm on the plains of South Dakota

Bard on the Playlist

I play my favorite music from my Spotify playlist and tell a story or why I like this song.

Holding Out for a Hero

I look at the superhero and Sci-fi genres in TV, movies and comic books.

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