You can’t drive by looking in the rear view mirror

I”m in a reflective mood today. It’s friend’s birthday. She would’ve been 44 today and her daughter and I share the same birthday next month. So I spent some time looking back and thinking about the things that were said, the ones that should’ve been said and the stuff that can’t be taken back. It’s good to look back from time to time to remember the good times and learn from the rest. I just have to learn not to spend too much time there otherwise I will miss the opportunities that life is presenting to me now. After all life is made to live facing forward.

Published by Bard on the Plains

I currently work as a custodian in the Clark High School but have also ran a farm as well as worked at a potato chip factory. I am married to Deb and we have three kids, Eric, Ryan and Emily. I also have a love of computers going back 40 years. I am also an amateur taker of photos (don't feel quite comfortable calling myself a photographer yet). I am the host of the Bard on the Plains Podcast and Holding Out For a Hero Podcast.

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