Who me? I am just the janitor.

I use to think that web pages and blogs were just self-indulgent flatulence but then when I climbed down off of my high horse and read a few I realized that some of them could be interesting and insightful. So I thought I would put a few of observation here to see if they might be thought provoking or even humorous.

Now about all the janitor comments. For those of you who haven\’t read my profile I am one of two custodians in a small rural South Dakota high school. Being a small community I am related to about half of the town so I know a lot of the people there. Also pushing around a dust mop isn\’t exactly rocket science so this gives me opportunities to think about things. So I hope that is what this blog is about, how people react and deal with life. Now if I can just keep those pesky English teachers from correcting this ….

Published by Bard on the Plains

I currently work as a custodian in the Clark High School but have also ran a farm as well as worked at a potato chip factory. I am married to Deb and we have three kids, Eric, Ryan and Emily. I also have a love of computers going back 40 years. I am also an amateur taker of photos (don't feel quite comfortable calling myself a photographer yet). I am the host of the Bard on the Plains Podcast and Holding Out For a Hero Podcast.

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